Help put an end to air pollution

Air pollution is deadly. But action to deal with this invisible killer just isn’t happening quickly enough.

Too many of us are breathing in toxic filthy air created by vehicles on our roads – in particular diesels. And the consequences for our health are devastating.

But tackling the huge problem of road traffic pollution is possible. Clean Air Zones – which restrict access to the most-polluting vehicles – are an essential first step. They'll lead to fewer cars, safer streets, more welcoming neighbourhoods and, vitally, healthier lungs for our children.

But current plans for effective Clean Air Zones just aren’t good enough. Only a handful are proposed, and standards are too weak. We need them in lots more of our polluted towns and cities to prevent us breathing in dirty air for years to come.

Please sign our petition to demand government action to tackle the air pollution crisis.

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Dirty air wreaks havoc on people’s lives. It’s been linked to serious health conditions including asthma, heart disease and even lung cancer. And it affects children – whose lungs are still developing – most severely.

Clean Air Zones are a proven way of improving air quality, bringing down emissions and reducing the health impacts of air pollution.

But the response from our politicians hasn’t been good enough. Current plans won’t see Clean Air Zones in anywhere near enough places to tackle the scale of the problem.

We need effective Clean Air Zones wherever air pollution is predicted to remain at illegal levels, and they must be properly funded by central government.