No deal, no thanks

As each day passes no-deal Brexit looks more likely than ever.

Nearly all political parties have ruled out the UK leaving the European Union without a deal. But more importantly, our Prime Minister hasn’t.

No-deal would simply be disastrous for our environment.

For example, it could:

  • make it harder to punish polluters,
  • leave companies free to sell chemicals that may threaten our health and environment,
  • or leave us without anywhere to send our waste for recycling – a return to the dark days of burning and burying all our rubbish.

Some of the impacts could last for years. But even short-term problems like a rise in air pollution from queues at our ports will have an immediate impact on.

What’s worse is that we won’t even be able to measure the damage or stop the government from ignoring environmental laws until a proper environmental watchdog has been set up.

This isn’t about leaving or remaining in the EU. No-deal needs to be ruled out to protect our wildlife, health and environment. 

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Please sign our petition urging Mrs May to rule out a dirty no-deal Brexit.