Order your Clean Air Schools Pack

“A very engaging pack - children enjoyed their challenges and investigations and reflected a lot on their own and others' actions, and how we can help other areas around us.”
Teacher, Whalton Primary School

Children are among those hardest hit by air pollution and its effects – which is why we’ve produced our air pollution education pack, tailored to the English KS2 curriculum.

We can’t wait to send you our fun-filled pack which includes:

  • 3 exciting lesson plans on air pollution, health impacts, and campaigning.
  • Colourful posters for your school walls showing plants that reduce air pollution – and stickers for the children.
  • A fun and active school assembly on air pollution.

You’ll also get two free air monitoring tubes and the opportunity to measure the quality of the air the children breathe.

Just a quick reminder before you undertake any work in a school – be sure to obtain express written permission from the Head Teacher or staff member nominated by the Head for safeguarding.