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We hold regular online workshops so you can gain the skills and knowledge you need to take climate action. Select a webinar from the list below to register and find out more about it.

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Welcome webinars will introduce you to the Climate Action movement, and the tools and resources you can use to support or develop your local campaign.

Preparing for the Climate Strikes - Thursday 15 August
Young people have been leading the way, striking from school to demand urgent climate action. This September, they’ve asked the adults to step up and support them. On this call you’ll learn more about how your group can support the Climate Strike, and about the resources we’ve created to help you make the most of it.

Getting started with Action Network - Monday 19 August and Wednesday 11 September
Want to find out how Action Network can help you create petitions, advertise events and raise the profile of your group? Join us and learn about the benefits of Action Network, the basics of using it and what support you can expect.

People and power - Wednesday 28 August
Building public support and increasing numbers in your core organising group is a key component of any successful campaign. Join us to explore how to bring people into your campaign, find out what they can contribute and make the most of your group’s capacity.

Climate solutions: Working internationally to stop the climate crisis - Tuesday 3 September
We know we can’t just solve ‘our bit’ of the climate crisis (that’s not how atmospheric physics works). Join us to discuss how climate struggles all over the world are linked and how we can work internationally to help stop climate breakdown.

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