Shape the future of our countryside

The natural world is in serious trouble. Bees, birds, butterflies and other wildlife are in decline. One of the main reasons? Pesticides.

Too much of our countryside is being routinely doused with a cocktail of chemicals. This needs to change – and farmers need help to get off the chemical treadmill.

Bee-harming neonicotinoid pesticides will now be banned on all outdoor crops. But more must be done to stop pesticides contaminating our countryside and our food and harming our wildlife.

The government is writing its new policy for farming after Brexit. This is the perfect opportunity to make sure pesticide reduction is at the heart of farming in the UK.

Sign the petition to make sure there's a clear plan to reduce pesticides and make the countryside a safer place for wildlife.

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To: the Environment Secretary,
Please make sure that there is a commitment to a clear and ambitious target to reduce the use of pesticides in the UK – to protect our wildlife and our own health, and with measures to help farmers meet the target.