Take the plastic timer challenge

, how long will you last?

not you?

How long can you avoid unwanted plastic? Take our timer challenge and find out.

Unwanted single-use plastic is still an everyday part of our lives despite huge public concern. Take the #DrasticOnPlastic Timer Challenge to highlight just how hard it is to avoid unwanted plastic - wrappers, containers and packaging - in everyday life.

What will trip you up? A cafe that only has plastic cutlery, an over-wrapped online delivery, or a sandwich with a plastic window? How long will you last before unwanted plastic happens to you?

How the challenge works...

Start your phone timer

1. When you wake up, set a timer on your phone or watch

This doesn't have to be exact. We just want to know how hard you find it to avoid unwanted plastics.

Plastic waste

2. Avoid unwanted plastics as long as possible

Whether clingfilm, coffee cups or sandwich wrappers, how long before you use unwanted single-use plastic in your daily routine?

Stop the timer

3. Stop your timer when you can't avoid unwanted plastic anymore

Make a note of what tripped you up and when it was.


4. To get started, hit the button below

We'll send you tips to avoid unwanted plastic, and how to record your results.

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