Tell Easter egg manufacturers to go plastic free

Too many Easter eggs still come wrapped up in excessive plastic packaging. Much of this harmful plastic ends up polluting our environment and threatening our wildlife.

But it shouldn't be up to us to search out the plastic-free alternatives.

The likes of Cadbury, Nestlé, Mars, Lindt and Thorntons should be making it as easy as possible for us to get plastic out of our environment for good. 

Sign now to pile pressure on the top Easter egg manufacturers to remove plastic from their packaging, so we can stop putting tonnes more plastic into the oceans.


To: Cadbury, Nestlé, Mars, Lindt and Thorntons,

Easter eggs are being unnecessarily wrapped in excessive plastic packaging. Plastic pollution is choking our oceans and killing much-loved sea creatures. Please make all the packaging for Easter eggs you manufacture plastic-free from 2019 onwards.

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