Breathing toxic air kills. There’s no time for delay. Donate now.

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£15 can provide a Friends of the Earth group with resources to lead demands for clean air in their areas£30 can help to fund Clean Air Schools Packs – to educate children on air pollution across the country£45 can provide us with the resources to engage with politicians and the media on a local and national level Every donation helps us in our mission to protect the wellbeing of people and planet

Your donation to Friends of the Earth Charitable Trust will help us protect the wellbeing of people and planet, including our work on air pollution.

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Why is it urgent?


premature deaths a year in the UK linked with air pollution


local authorities are breaching legal limits of air pollution

£20 billion

how much air pollution costs the UK economy

It’s all of our jobs to make sure something is done
— Mima, concerned mum and clean air activist, monitoring the air quality in her town with one of our air monitoring tubes