Climate emergency: ban fracking

We’re urgently asking supporters to donate and put a stop to fracking.

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£5 can help to fund events, so people across the UK can take action on fracking£10 can help to support communities with information and advice on fracking £15 can help us call on the government to put a stop to fracking in the UK, and push forward renewables Every donation helps us in our mission to protect the wellbeing of people and the planet

Your donation to Friends of the Earth Trust will help us protect the wellbeing of people and planet, including our work to protect the climate.

Your donation will help us to carry out our vital work to ban fracking.
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Why it’s urgent


We know 80% of fossil fuels must stay in the ground to meet Paris Agreement targets. So it's a disgrace that the UK government is supporting the fossil fuel industry. We need to step up the pressure.


Recently we've seen catastrophic effects of climate change, and that's at 1.2°C of global warming. We can't go above 1.5°C – the impacts would be more than humanity and nature can cope with.

£150 billion

were invested in renewable energy globally in 2016 – double that of fossil fuels. We can power the world with safe and affordable clean energy. But we must also leave fossil fuels in the ground.

Why support Friends of the Earth?

Hurricane satellite shot

Climate Change Act

Friends of the Earth and our supporters were the driving force in persuading the UK government to adopt the world's first climate change law. Other countries have followed our example.

Barbara - climate change campaigner

Campaigning against fossil fuels

We support people like Barbara across the country, with resources and legal advice to resist fracking. Fossil fuels cause climate change — we need to leave them in the ground.

Solar panels

Renewable energy

This is crucial for limiting climate change. Friends of the Earth has a great track record on renewables: thanks to our campaigning there are hundreds of thousands of solar roofs in the UK.