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£16 can provide our community teams with enough seeds to make an entire street bloom£30 can help our campaigners protect important nature sites near you£60 can support our international work to protect our environment for generations to come Every donation helps us in our mission to protect the wellbeing of people and planet

Your donation to Friends of the Earth Trust will help us protect the wellbeing of people and planet, including our work on nature.

Help us bring
Nature back to the streets
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Why is it urgent?


acres of green space was lost to urban sprawl in just 6 years


of UK wildlife species are in decline - habitat destruction is a major cause


times the size of Sherwood Forest is being built on every year

Bringing nature to our streets would mean…

Child having a piggyback in a beautiful sun-lit scene

Greater happiness

Studies show that people who have more contact with nature are significantly happier

Blue tit on branch

A home for wildlife

By greening our streets we’re making space for birds, bees and many other creatures

Children learning about nature

Better health for children

More contact with nature helps children’s physical and mental health and development

We’re on a mission to make every street in the UK a great place for nature.

Help us achieve it.