Buy no new clothes in January #Resolution6Rs

Sign up to #Resolution6Rs this January.

Buy no brand new clothes until the end of January 2020. Instead, choose the 6Rs: reduce, refuse, rethink, repair, reuse, recycle!

Make, mend, swap or upcycle something or buy second hand!

The fashion industry is responsible for 10% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, according to UN sources, and so is a major contributor to climate breakdown and the ecological emergency. It's the second largest consumer of water resources on the planet and has created a huge waste problem. 

To tackle this problem we need a dramatic shift in attitudes about the way we consume fashion and textiles. That’s why Friends of the Earth Cymru in collaboration with Sustainable Fashion Wales are presenting the 6Rs solution. 

By signing up you will be entered into a free prize draw by Sustainable Fashion Wales. You have a chance of winning a range of prizes, donated by designers and retailers across Wales, including a backpack made from recycled plastic!

Make sustainable fashion your New Year’s Resolution.  #Resolution6Rs