Get pointless plastic out of football

Football is the biggest game in town. But as the most watched sports league in the world, the Premier League generates a lot of plastic waste. 

It’s tough to avoid at the big games. When the crowds head home after the final whistle blows, they leave behind millions of pint cups as well as bottles, cutlery and other plastic waste. 

If enough of us take action, we can show football teams that we don't want single-use plastic to be part of match day. 

We are calling on clubs to pledge to: 

  • Within 6 months of signing the pledge, introduce a trial scheme to eliminate single-use plastic cups for all beer and other cold drinks and replace them with reusable cups; and, within a year of signing the pledge, have a stadium-wide permanent scheme in place.
  • Within 6 months of signing the pledge, remove non-essential single-use plastic bags, plastic straws and stirrers, sauce sachets and plastic cutlery, prioritising reusable alternatives where feasible or removing completely.
  • Within 6 months of signing the pledge, ensure that all fans can either access drinking water through drinking fountains or can refill their own reusable water bottles (meeting relevant safety recommendations) at water refill stations.
  • Review annually the use of other single-use plastic products, such as milk jiggers (small cartons) and where practicable eliminate them; and publish a report of the review.
  • Engage with fans, visitors the local community and the wider football world about the action the club is taking to curb single-use plastic and why it is important, and what they can do.

Whether you're football-mad or just mad about plastic pollution, will you add your name to help get single-use plastic out of sport?