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Wildlife myths: the things you thought you knew


Are bats blind? Do you get warts from toads? Find out in our quiz.

Bats are blind

Daddy longlegs are venomous but can’t bite people

When birds fly low, expect rain

An earthworm becomes two new worms if it's chopped in half

You can get warts from touching a toad

Birds will reject their chicks if they've been touched by humans

Dock leaves contain an antidote that soothes nettle stings

A honey bee can only sting once, then it dies

Nearly done...

While we check your answers, do you have a few seconds to help make the countryside a safer place for wildlife?

The natural world is in serious trouble. Bees, birds, butterflies and other wildlife are in decline. One of the main reasons? Pesticides.


Wildlife is vital to a healthy and thriving planet and our petition makes sure UK pesticide reduction is at the heart of the government's farming policies.

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To the Environment Secretary,

Please make sure that there is a commitment to a clear and ambitious target to reduce the use of pesticides in the UK – to protect our wildlife and our own health, and with measures to help farmers meet the target.