Ask your MP to defend our planning system from harmful reforms

The government is about to push through changes to the planning system that could seriously harm our communities, local democracy and environment.

In areas without special protected status, developments could be rushed through with little, or no, consideration for their impacts on the local environment. They won’t have to be approved by elected local councillors and communities could lose their right to have a say on plans for their area.

What’s more, developers won’t be required to build their fair share of good-quality affordable housing – risking an increase in people living in unacceptable situations. 

And with fewer restrictions on what gets built, we might miss our window to build the well-insulated, sustainably-powered homes that we need to tackle the climate crisis.

The good news is that the government's plans to dismantle the planning system aren't set in stone yet. And given how badly they've gone down so far, we have a real opportunity to stop them.

So will you ask your MP to take these concerns to the government, while we still have a chance to change the proposals?

We’ve written a template message that you can personalise, so it should only take a minute.