Demand a stronger Environment Bill

If the last few months have taught us anything, it's that our health and wellbeing depend on the world around us. Nature has never been more important.

But from polluted rivers to toxic air pollution, we need to rapidly restore our degraded environment. And we need to ensure the rules that protect it are properly enforced in future.

Right now, the government is rewriting the rules that protect people and planet in a new Environment Bill. 

We were promised this new law would be world-leading. But right now it’s far too weak. And it’s full of loopholes that could let future governments ignore the environmental crises we’re facing. 

For just a few weeks, we have the chance to persuade a select group of MPs to improve it. They could start by learning some key lessons from the coronavirus pandemic: nature is crucial, change is possible and we all want to be kept safe.

We need ambitious new rules to: 

  • restore nature 
  • end plastic pollution 
  • act on the climate emergency. 

Your MP has the power to help. Will you email them to demand a strong Environment Bill that we can really be proud of? 

We’ve written a draft response, which you can edit, so it’ll only take a couple of minutes.