Let's build a greener, fairer future - write to your MP today

This autumn, Chancellor Rishi Sunak will set out how vast sums of money will be spent over the years to come. This Comprehensive Spending Review will be his plan to rebuild the economy after COVID-19. 

It’s essential that urgent action to tackle the climate emergency, reverse growing inequality and improve health and wellbeing is right at the core of this plan. We need a plan to build a greener, fairer economy – not just a return to business as usual.

None of the major political parties’ proposals for the climate crisis are good enough, which is why they need to hear from you. No matter which party your MP represents, there are ways they can influence the outcome of this spending review.

Please write to your MP today. Tell them you want them to work for a green and fair recovery. We’ve written a template message that you can personalise, so it should only take a minute.

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See Friends of the Earth's 9-point plan for a green and fair recovery.

We think the plan for a green and fair recovery needs to cover these nine points:

  • Make walking and cycling safe and easy for as many people as possible.
  • Reduce air pollution to World Health Organisation standards by 2030.
  • Create thousands of jobs and eradicate fuel poverty by insulating all our homes.
  • Help workers move from failing polluting industries into clean ones.
  • Guarantee green jobs or training for anyone who lost their job because of COVID-19.
  • Tax polluters and scrap spending on climate-wrecking infrastructure.  
  • Help nations and councils to deliver an inclusive and green recovery.
  • Provide climate finance to support the world’s poorer nations.
  • Measure how much the recovery plan improves people's lives - not just economic just growth.