Ask the Mayor of London to take climate action in their first 100 days

We need swift action to fix the climate and nature emergencies that are devastating communities across the UK, and the planet. But we don’t have to rely on national decision-makers alone to take action.

The Mayor of London has the power to tackle these crises by generating green jobs, reducing air pollution, improving public transport, creating green spaces and more. They can also influence the government on national issues.

So will you write to the newly elected Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, and ask them to meet with local campaigners, create a taskforce to deliver green jobs in the region, and demonstrate their commitment to addressing the climate and ecological emergencies in their first 100 days as mayor?

With the recent election of Metro Mayors across the country, it’s the perfect time to push for solutions that benefit local communities and the planet. And with time to act on the climate and nature emergencies running out, it’s crucial mayors take action immediately. 

Let’s keep demanding the climate action we need for our local area, and for the planet.

We’ve written a draft email that you can edit, so it should only take a minute.