Stop fracking now - email your MP

This is a climate emergency. We need to stop extracting and burning fossil fuels – like gas, coal and oil – that are heating the planet. Fracking for more gas is not the solution.

Fracking at just one site in Lancashire has caused earthquakes more than 250 times bigger than the regulations allow. That has led to the suspension of fracking at Preston New Road. Now is the time to halt fracking for good.

But we know that the frackers want thousands of wells like this, across vast amounts of our countryside. Nobody wants the traffic, noise or pollution that this could cause in their community – let alone the risk of earthquakes.

If MPs receive thousands of emails from people like you, the government will get the message that fracking simply cannot be allowed to go on.

Ask your MP to tell the government it’s time to ban fracking. There’s a template email you can edit, so it’ll only take a few moments to send.